What is another word for respondent?

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The word "respondent" refers to someone who replies or answers to a particular call, request or inquiry. Some of the synonyms for the word "respondent" include "participant," "interviewee," "responder," "answerer," "reactant," and "counterpart." "Participant" refers to a person who takes part in a particular event or activity, while "interviewee" refers to someone who is being interviewed. "Responder" refers to someone who reacts or responds to a situation, while "answerer" refers to someone who provides an answer to a question or inquiry. "Reactant" refers to someone who reacts in response to a particular stimulus, while "counterpart" refers to someone who is equivalent or corresponds to someone else.

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What is a respondent?

A respondent is a person who responds to a survey questionnaire. This person is usually a member of the population that is being surveyed. Respondents are usually chosen randomly from the population.

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