What is another word for respondent?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪspˈɒndənt] (IPA)

The word "respondent" refers to someone who replies or answers to a particular call, request or inquiry. Some of the synonyms for the word "respondent" include "participant," "interviewee," "responder," "answerer," "reactant," and "counterpart." "Participant" refers to a person who takes part in a particular event or activity, while "interviewee" refers to someone who is being interviewed. "Responder" refers to someone who reacts or responds to a situation, while "answerer" refers to someone who provides an answer to a question or inquiry. "Reactant" refers to someone who reacts in response to a particular stimulus, while "counterpart" refers to someone who is equivalent or corresponds to someone else.

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The word "respondent" refers to a person who responds to a question, a survey, or any other form of inquiry. Some antonyms for the word "respondent" include "mute", "unresponsive", and "silent". These words describe a person who does not respond to any form of inquiry or communication. Another antonym for "respondent" is "questioner", which refers to the person who asks the questions or initiates the inquiry. Similarly, "inquirer" and "asker" are also synonyms for questioner. Using antonyms in language helps to expand our vocabulary and understanding of words, their meanings, and how they can be used in different contexts.

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Usage examples for Respondent

Proceedings for divorce were taken with Parnell as the co-respondent: the case was undefended.
"John Redmond's Last Years"
Stephen Gwynn
Such a series of inquiries she was subjected to as to her symptoms and sensations as would have done credit to a young medical practitioner examining his first patient, though the questions, in this case, were practically rather than scientifically put, and could actually be understood by the respondent.
"Little Tora, The Swedish Schoolmistress and Other Stories"
Mrs. Woods Baker
I mean a divorce with that Verney woman as co-respondent.
"Swirling Waters"
Max Rittenberg

Famous quotes with Respondent

  • In the court of reason man is always a claimant and God is always a respondent. The original intention of the reason for creation of God is to make Him as a respondent as and when the need arises. Hence when a man is in trouble his reason tries to save him by acting as an arbitrator; the reason sitting as sole judge asks the man for his claims and makes the God to respond.
    Thiruman Archunan
  • Judge: "You are prevaricating, sir. Did you or did you not sleep with this woman?" Co-respondent: "Not a wink, my lord!"
    Donald McGill

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