What is another word for babu?

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Babu is a term often used in Indian subcontinent to denote a young gentleman. However, this term has different synonyms and other meanings in other cultures. For instance, in Swahili, babu means grandfather or an elderly man. In some cultures, the term babu can be used to mean a clerk or an office worker. Alternatives to the word babu include the terms sir, gentleman, mister, lad, and dude. Depending on the context, one might prefer these synonyms over the term babu. Ultimately, it is good to learn and use the appropriate word in different situations to avoid miscommunication or misunderstandings.

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Usage examples for Babu

In Australia it is the babu that cries for the youths that have arrived at puberty.
"The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies"
Robert Gordon Latham
Original in the collection of babu Gogonendronath Tagore.
"Vidyapati Bangiya Padabali Songs of the love of Radha and Krishna"
Vidyapati Thakura
Also, he has no idea of fixed charges, and when he goes to the ticket-office and asks for his "tickut," and the babu in charge tells him the price, he offers half.
"Olivia in India"
O. Douglas

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