What is another word for adult male?

Pronunciation: [ˈadʌlt mˈe͡ɪl] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the term "adult male," depending on the context in which it is being used. One of the most commonly used synonyms is "man," which refers to a male human being who has reached the age of maturity. Another synonym is "gentleman," which usually implies a certain level of refinement or gentlemanly conduct. More colloquial synonyms include "guy" or "dude," which are often used in informal conversation. The term "masculine" can also be used to describe an adult male, especially in the context of gender or sexuality. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the specific situation and the tone desired.

Synonyms for Adult male:

What are the hypernyms for Adult male?

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What are the hyponyms for Adult male?

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What are the meronyms for Adult male?

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What are the opposite words for adult male?

Antonyms for the term "adult male" may vary depending on context, but the most common antonyms are "juvenile male" or "young male." These terms refer to males who have not yet reached maturity or adulthood. Other antonyms include "female" or "woman," which refer to the opposite gender. Additionally, "elderly male" or "senior male" may also be considered antonyms as they refer to males who are at an advanced age or past their prime. It is important to note that the use of antonyms can vary depending on the intended use and context, as such it is important to select the most appropriate antonym for a specific situation.

What are the antonyms for Adult male?

Famous quotes with Adult male

  • Inside every adult male is a denied little boy.
    Nancy Friday
  • Dad was the only adult male I ever trusted.
    Michael Reagan
  • ...there is nothing that the most prominent men in the Liberal party more earnestly desire than that labour representation, direct labour representation, shall be as large as possible...It is sometimes said to me, "Oh! but you are against State intervention in matters of great social reform". At this time of the day it would be absurd for any man who has mastered all the Mining Regulations Acts, the Factories Acts, the great mass of regulation which affects trade; it would be absurd for any man to stand on a platform and say he was entirely against State intervention. I, for my part, have never taken that position...My own belief is that in the matters of hours and of wages for adult male labour the interference would be a bad and mischievous thing...that in such matters, for example, as housing of the poor and so forth, the proper machinery through which to carry out these operations is municipal and not Parliamentary.
    John Morley

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