What is another word for gentleman's gentleman?

66 synonyms found


[ d͡ʒˈɛntə͡lmənz d͡ʒˈɛntə͡lmən], [ d‍ʒˈɛntə‍lmənz d‍ʒˈɛntə‍lmən], [ dʒ_ˈɛ_n_t_əl_m_ə_n_z dʒ_ˈɛ_n_t_əl_m_ə_n]

How to use "Gentleman's gentleman" in context?

In the world of dating, there is a certain type of man that is known as a "gentleman's gentleman." This man is someone who is capable of being a truly fantastic date, regardless of the situation. He is someone who is considerate and attentive, and knows how to make a woman feel good. He is also respectful, and knows how to handle himself in a relationship.

A gentleman's gentleman is not just a pretty face - he is someone who is actually good at relationships. He is someone who is patient, understanding, and kind.

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