What is another word for Cargoes?

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[ kˈɑːɡə͡ʊz], [ kˈɑːɡə‍ʊz], [ k_ˈɑː_ɡ_əʊ_z]

Related words: cargo train, cargo ship, cargoes of oil, cargo container, cargo vessel, cargo aircraft, ocean cargo carrier

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    How to use "Cargoes" in context?

    When it comes to shipping, nothing is more important than the cargo. Cargo is what holds the ship together and keeps it afloat while transporting goods. Cargo also affects the ship's speed and stability. Without cargo, a ship would be helpless and have to be towed back to port.

    There are a number of different types of cargo that ships can carry, including:

    -Bulk cargo: This is anything that is not fit for individual transport and must be loaded on to the ship in large bundles. Bulk cargo can include objects like trees or sand.

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