What is another word for caulking?

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Caulking is a type of sealing technique that is commonly used in construction work. Its purpose is to fill gaps between surfaces with a special type of material that prevents air and water from seeping through. Depending on the context, there are different words that can be used as synonyms for "caulking". Some of these include sealing, filling, buffering, smearing, plastering, and patching. Each of these words captures a slightly different aspect of the process of caulking. For example, "sealing" emphasizes the importance of creating an airtight barrier, while "patching" implies a need to repair damage. Regardless of the specific word used, the goal of caulking remains the same: to create a watertight and air-tight seal between two surfaces.

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    Caulking is the process of filling and sealing small gaps and cracks in building, mechanical, or civil engineering construction. Caulking is a two-phase process: wetting and Filling. Wetting refers to soaking the caulking in a liquid solvent. Filling is the application of the caulking to the joint. Caulking is most commonly used in construction to seal air and watertight joints, protect sensitive surfaces from the weather, and provide a decorative finish.

    Aerosol cans of caulking are widely available and inexpensive. The variety of caulking available is limited only by the imagination of the manufacturer.

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