What is another word for clock time?

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Clock time refers to the time indicated by a clock or a watch. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to describe time. The use of alternative words may help to convey different connotations or nuances. One example of a synonym for clock time is 'hour time' which is used to refer to the number of hours passed in a day. Another synonym for clock time is 'standard time', which is used to describe the time zones that have been set by civil authorities. 'Chronological time' is another synonym that refers to the sequence of events that occur over time, while 'real time' refers to time that is happening concurrently with events. These different synonyms help to provide clarity and precision when referring to different types of time.

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    How to use "Clock time" in context?

    The following is a 100-word article about the concept of clock time.

    Clock time is a way of measuring elapsed time, typically using a clock or timer. It is the most common method of measuring time in the world, used by people of all ages and cultures.

    The first clocks were invented by the Greeks and were known as water clocks. These devices worked by using a variation of the oscillating waterwheel. The first mechanical clocks were developed in the 13th century by Muslim astronomers. These clocks were large and had intricate mechanisms.

    The first digital clocks were developed in the 1940s.

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