What is another word for dress?

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The word "dress" has several synonyms that can be used interchangeably depending on the context. Some examples of synonyms for "dress" include gown, frock, attire, clothing, outfit, garb, robe, and costume. These words can be used to describe different styles and types of clothing, such as a formal gown for a fancy event or a casual outfit for everyday wear. The synonym "attire" can be used more broadly to encompass any type of clothing, while "costume" specifically refers to clothing worn as part of a particular character or role. Overall, using different synonyms for "dress" can add variety and depth to your writing or conversation.

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    A dress is a type of garment worn by women to cover their bodies during public or private occasions. Historically, dresses have been a sign of social status and have been worn by women of all social classes. A dress may be made of cloth, leather, or other materials. A dress can also be made from a single Piece of fabric or a dress may be made up of multiple pieces of fabric, which are then assembled together.

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