What is another word for cartridge clip?

Pronunciation: [kˈɑːtɹɪd͡ʒ klˈɪp] (IPA)

Cartridge clip is a term used to describe a device designed to hold ammunition for a firearm. However, there are many synonyms for this term, with each one slightly different in function and design. Some of the most common synonyms for cartridge clip include magazine, speedloader, strip clip, and detachable box magazine. Magazines are the most commonly used synonym for cartridge clip, as they tend to be the most versatile and widely used. A speedloader, on the other hand, is designed to quickly and easily load ammunition into a firearm, while strip clips are used to store ammunition in a compact, easy-to-use package. Lastly, detachable box magazines are often found on semi-automatic rifles and pistols, offering fast and convenient reloading without the need to manually insert each round.

What are the hypernyms for Cartridge clip?

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What are the hyponyms for Cartridge clip?

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What are the holonyms for Cartridge clip?

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    • artifact

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