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Dace is a small freshwater fish that is commonly found in fast-flowing streams and rivers in Europe and Asia. Some synonyms for dace include chub, crucian carp, and roach. These fish are similar in size and appearance but have different characteristics. Chub is a larger fish that is commonly found in slow-moving water, while the crucian carp is known for its ability to survive in shallow ponds. The roach is a small fish that is often found in gravelly streams and rivers. All of these fish are commonly eaten by larger predators such as pike and catfish. Overall, synonyms for dace include a variety of small, freshwater fish that are commonly found in European and Asian rivers.

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Dace is a freshwater fish found in lakes and rivers around the world. It typically grows to about 12 inches in length and has auburn or black scales with a yellowish belly. The name dace comes from the Old English word for "tooth".

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