What is another word for scud?

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There are several synonyms for the word "scud" which refer to the movement of clouds, rain or spray. These include "skitter," "flit," "scurry," "whisk," "dash," "dart," "flicker," and "zoom." These words are often used to describe weather conditions such as a spotty rain shower or a quick-moving thunderstorm. Additionally, "scud" can also refer to the movement of objects, such as missiles or planes, and in this context synonyms could include "fly," "dart," "swoop," and "zoom." Overall, these synonyms convey the sense of swift and sometimes erratic movement, whether it be natural phenomena or man-made objects.

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    Scuds are short-range ballistic missiles that are used by many militaries around the world. They are assembled from sections of intact rockets and are relatively simple in design. They are often fired from mobile launchers, such as truck-mounted launchers or ships' missile launchers.

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