What is another word for deedbox?

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[ dˈiːdbɒks], [ dˈiːdbɒks], [ d_ˈiː_d_b_ɒ_k_s]

Deedbox is a term used to describe a container or a safe where important documents, such as wills, deeds, and contracts, are stored. However, there are other words that have the same meaning as deedbox, such as title box, escrow box, and document vault. These terms are commonly used in the legal and financial industries to refer to the secure storage of important papers. Moreover, some other synonyms for deedbox are legal cabinet, contract box, and security deposit box. All of these words denote a secure box where valuable legal documents are kept safe and secure.

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      • artifact

    Usage examples for Deedbox

    With a cry of terror I dashed at the alcove, then into the corner and then into the window, relighting three as two more vanished by the fireplace, and then, perceiving a better way, I dropped matches on the iron-bound deedbox in the corner, and caught up the bedroom candlestick.
    "The Red Room"
    H. G. Wells

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