What is another word for cashbox?

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A cashbox is a container that holds money or other valuables. It's known by many different names depending on the language and the region. Some of the synonyms for the word cashbox include cash drawer, till, strongbox, safe, lockbox, coffer, box, chest, and small vault. These terms can be used interchangeably to describe a container that is used to store cash, checks, and other important items. The word cashbox can also be used more generally to refer to an entire cash management system, such as the one used by businesses to keep track of revenue and expenses.

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Usage examples for Cashbox

I put on my cloak, took some money which was my own out of my cashbox, and at half-past twelve heard the mail- coach approaching.
"The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford"
Mark Rutherford
I have a few papers I wouldn't care to lose, a watch and a little money-but they're all safely buried in a cashbox with a good lock.
"A Little Bush Maid"
Mary Grant Bruce
But when Colline opened the drawer that served as a cashbox, in order to take the money necessary for the day's consumption, he started back and became as pale as Banquo's ghost.
"Bohemians of the Latin Quarter"
Henry Murger

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