What is another word for dethaw?

22 synonyms found


[ diːθˈɔː], [ diːθˈɔː], [ d_iː_θ_ˈɔː]

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    Synonyms for Dethaw:

    How to use "Dethaw" in context?

    Every day, we take countless actions without even realizing it. Whether we brush our teeth, check our emails, or make lunch, we're constantly moving through our lives. But what would happen if we paused for just a moment and considered all of the tasks we were undertaking? How would our lives change if we only took the time to do things one at a time?

    This concept is called dethaw, and it's a method for slowing down and focusing on tasks. According to experts, dethaw can help us improve our productivity, our focus, and our awareness.

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