What is another word for meld?

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The word "meld" is often used to describe the process of blending or assimilating two or more things together. Some synonyms for "meld" include merge, fuse, intertwine, and converge. "Merge" suggests a more equal combination of two things, while "fuse" implies a more intense coming together. "Intertwine" implies a more complex blend, where individual elements cannot easily be separated. "Converge" is a more general term that describes the act of two things coming together. Other synonyms for "meld" include blend, mix, and unite. The choice of synonym will depend on the specific context in which the word is being used.

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    The word "meld" means to blend or fuse together to form a single entity, but it also has several antonyms that convey opposite meanings. One antonym for meld is disassemble, which means to take apart or break into component parts. Another antonym is separate, which means to divide into distinct parts or pieces. Dissolve is another antonym for meld, meaning to break or cause something to break down into its separate components or disappear entirely. Finally, disintegrate is a commonly used antonym for meld, meaning to break apart or crumble into smaller pieces, often resulting in irreparable damage.

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    Usage examples for Meld

    But here's another: What do you do when you meld a hundred aces, say?"
    "Torchy, Private Sec."
    Sewell Ford
    When you look at the wall paper does your brain do a sort of loop-the-loop and cause you to meld 100 aces or double pinochle?
    "Get Next!"
    Hugh McHugh
    Isabelle Moser was born in 1940 and died in 1996. I think the greatest accomplishment of her 56 years was to meld virtually all available knowledge about health and healing into a workable and most importantly, a simple model that allowed her to have amazing success.
    "How and When to Be Your Own Doctor"
    Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon

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