What is another word for disjointedly?

Pronunciation: [dɪsd͡ʒˈɔ͡ɪntɪdlɪ] (IPA)

The word "disjointedly" refers to a manner of speech or writing that lacks connection, coherence, or logical flow. Synonyms for this word could include haphazardly, chaotically, jumbled, disconnected, randomly, aimlessly, incoherently, inexplicably, and erratically. These words all convey a sense of confusion or disorganization, as if thoughts or ideas are jumbled and not properly conveyed. Additionally, other words that could be used to describe disjointed speech or writing might include rambling, nonsensical, unfocused, and scattered. By using synonyms like these, writers can help to convey a more nuanced and precise understanding of the way in which someone is speaking or writing in a disjointed manner.

Usage examples for Disjointedly

Language indeed failed Mr. Wilks in describing it, and, pressed for details, he could only murmur disjointedly of satin-wood, polished brass, and crimson velvet.
"At Sunwich Port, Complete"
W.W. Jacobs
They made one circuit with the promenaders, Mason bowing right and left, and talking disjointedly upon indifferent subjects.
"Rose of Dutcher's Coolly"
Hamlin Garland
The man's head was lowest, and rested on an old battered box; his middle was supported by a beam of the engine; one of his legs was elevated on one of the fans, the other hung disjointedly in the air.
"The Mark Of Cain"
Andrew Lang

Famous quotes with Disjointedly

  • Some terror in the swishing tall grass seemed added to that of the diabolically pounding sea, and I started up crying aloud and disjointedly, "Tiger? Tiger? Is it Tiger? Beast? Beast? Is it a Beast that I am afraid of?"
    H. P. Lovecraft

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