What is another word for slowly?

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The word slowly is often used to describe the pace at which something is moving or happening. However, using the same word repeatedly can be monotonous and tedious. Thankfully, there are plenty of synonyms available that can be used in place of slowly. Some potential substitutes include sluggishly, leisurely, laggardly, gradually, unhurriedly, languidly, tardily, or steadily. Each of these words can provide a slight nuance to the intended meaning, which can help to create a more vivid and nuanced description of the pace of events. By incorporating a variety of synonyms for slowly, writers can create a more dynamic and engaging piece of content.

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How to use "Slowly" in context?

Slowly has a musical meaning in English. To slowly means to move or progress at a snail's pace. Slow has also come to be used as a synonym for gradual, which is also a musical term. Gradually means to progress at a slow and steady pace.

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