What is another word for frantically?

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[ fɹˈantɪkli], [ fɹˈantɪkli], [ f_ɹ_ˈa_n_t_ɪ_k_l_i]

Frantically is an adverb that describes an action done in a frenzied, panicked manner. Synonyms for frantically include desperately, feverishly, wildly, hectically, and madly. Desperately refers to being willing to do anything to achieve a goal, while feverishly suggests an intense, relentless effort. Wildly implies a lack of control or erratic behavior, while hectically suggests a chaotic and hurried pace. Madly suggests irrational or crazed behavior. It's important to note that while these words have similar meanings to frantically, they each carry a slightly different connotation, allowing writers to convey the specific tone and feeling they want to express.

Related words: furiously, crazily, hastily, hurriedly, hastily, in a frenzy, in a hurry, as fast as possible

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    When we talk about "frantically," we are generally referring to the feeling of being very active and focused. When we first use the word, we might imagine someone running around in a frantic manner, or else we might think of someone who is very excited and enthusiastic. In both cases, the person is doing a lot of things at once in an effort to stay ahead of the situation. This sense of urgency is a common feeling, and it can be important for some things but often not for others. If we are working on a project, for example, we might be frantic in order to keep up with the deadline.

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