What is another word for displacements?

Pronunciation: [dɪsplˈe͡ɪsmənts] (IPA)

Displacements refer to the act of moving something or someone from one place to another. There are many synonyms for the term, which can be used to add variety and depth to your writing. Some of these synonyms include relocation, migration, transfer, repositioning, emigration, shift, displacement, removal, eviction, and upheaval. Each of these terms conveys a slightly different meaning and can be used in different contexts. For example, relocation may refer to moving to a new neighborhood or city, while displacement can refer to being forced to leave a home or community due to external factors. By using synonyms for displacement, you can convey a richer understanding of the situation and make your writing more interesting to read.

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What are the hypernyms for Displacements?

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Usage examples for Displacements

Faults are of all sizes, from a foot or two up to vertical displacements of thousands of feet.
James Geikie
The magnitude of the displacements that have been noticed sometimes attains many thousands of miles, and the actual velocity with which such masses move frequently exceeds 100 miles a second.
"The Story of the Heavens"
Robert Stawell Ball
Some were half nomad, none was firmly rooted in the soil; and the fact that tribes who spoke similar dialects were often far away from one another, with a tribe of a different dialect living between, indicated that there had been many displacements of population of which no historical record existed.
"Impressions of South Africa"
James Bryce

Famous quotes with Displacements

  • The vast material displacements the machine has made in our physical environment are perhaps in the long run less important than its spiritual contributions to our culture.
    Lewis Mumford

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