What is another word for meals?

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Meals refer to the food that is taken in a day at different times, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, there are other terms that can be used instead of meals, such as repast, nourishment or sustenance. Repast refers to a specific meal, especially one enjoyed with others. Nourishment is the nutrients and energy obtained from food and drink. Sustenance refers to food and drink as a source of strength. Other synonyms that can be used to express the idea of meals are provisions, rations, and fare. Provisions refer to food supplies for a particular journey or activity, while Rations are a limited amount of food given to a person daily. Lastly, Fare refers to food served on a table or at a celebration.

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    The opposite of "meals" can refer to various things depending on the context. As a verb, "starving" or "fasting" can represent the opposite of "meals." As a noun, "snacks," "appetizers," or "small bites" can be considered antonyms of "meals." Meanwhile, "hunger," "malnutrition," or "undernourishment" can describe opposite situations of having a satisfying meal. Depending on the tone, "feast" may also be used as an antonym for "meal" to illustrate a treat or indulgence. In general, antonyms of "meals" allude to the absence or incompleteness of a proper dining experience.

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