What is another word for dory?

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[ dˈɔːɹi], [ dˈɔːɹi], [ d_ˈɔː_ɹ_i]

The word "dory" has several synonyms, including rowboat, skiff, punt, and shallop. A rowboat is a small boat propelled by oars, often used for fishing or recreational activities. A skiff is a small, flat-bottomed boat with a pointed bow and square stern, commonly used for fishing or transportation in shallow water. A punt is a flat-bottomed boat with a square bow and stern, propelled by a long pole, often used to navigate small rivers or lakes. A shallop is a small boat with a sharp bow and stern, typically used for fishing or transportation on inland waterways. Whether for leisure or livelihood, all of these vessels serve as primary modes of transportation on the water.

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    How to use "Dory" in context?

    The dory is a type of tropical fish that is often kept in fish tanks. The dory is also a coastal fish that is found in the open ocean. The dory is a small fish that is found in both fresh and salt water.

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