What is another word for Bateau?

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[ bˈe͡ɪta͡ʊ], [ bˈe‍ɪta‍ʊ], [ b_ˈeɪ_t_aʊ]

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    Synonyms for Bateau:

    How to use "Bateau" in context?

    The word "Bateau" comes from the Breton language, where it means a small boat. The first boats were probably carrying goods on the Seine River in France. Later, bateaux were used for transportation along the rivers in Quebec and New Brunswick.

    Today, many traditional bateaux are used for tourist transportation, especially in the regions around Quebec and New Brunswick. These boats are usually narrow and long and have a flat bottom. They are usually painted a light color, such as blue or yellow, and have awnings to protect passengers from the sun.

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