What is another word for houseboat?

Pronunciation: [hˈa͡ʊsbə͡ʊt] (IPA)

A houseboat is a type of boat designed for use primarily as a permanent or semi-permanent residence. There are various synonyms for the word "houseboat" that can be used to describe this type of vessel. Some of the synonyms for houseboat include floating home, liveaboard boat, waterborne dwelling and house barge. Other synonyms that can be used to describe houseboats are riverboat, canal boat, and narrowboat. These synonyms are useful when trying to describe the design and purpose of the houseboat. Each of these terms has its own connotations and can be used to convey different aspects of the houseboat experience.

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Usage examples for Houseboat

The houseboat used a pram as a tender, and the pram had its own low-power outboard motor.
"The Electronic Mind Reader"
John Blaine
Steve says to keep an eye on the houseboat, but to take no action.
"The Electronic Mind Reader"
John Blaine
I had the Coast Guard pay a visit to your houseboat this afternoon.
"The Electronic Mind Reader"
John Blaine

Famous quotes with Houseboat

  • You know, when they called me about the role, I thought Knots Landing was a show about a houseboat with Andy Griffith!
    Donna Mills
  • Barefoot conducts his seminars on his houseboat in Sausalito. It costs a hundred dollars to find out why we are on this Earth. You also get a sandwich, but I wasn't hungry that day. John Lennon had just been killed and I think I know why we are on this Earth; it's to find out that what you love the most will be taken away from you, probably due to an error in high places rather than by design.
    Philip K. Dick

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