What is another word for dreamland?

Pronunciation: [dɹˈiːmlənd] (IPA)

Dreamland is an imaginary place where people can escape from the real world. It is a place where people can relax and forget about their problems. However, there are many other synonyms for the word "dreamland" that can be used in different contexts. Some other words that can be used include fantasy world, utopia, wonderland, paradise, fairyland, nirvana, heaven, idyllic place, and retreat. Each of these words conveys the idea of a place where everything is perfect and dreams can come true. Whether it is a fictional location in a book or a real place that allows us to escape from reality, dreamland and its synonyms offer us a break from the chaos of everyday life.

Synonyms for Dreamland:

What are the hypernyms for Dreamland?

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What are the hyponyms for Dreamland?

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What are the opposite words for dreamland?

Dreamland, a place where your imagination runs free and your senses are awash with incredible experiences. Opposite of a dreamland is a reality check, where the surreal is replaced by the harsh reality of the world. It's where dreams go to die and where practicality rules. The opposite of a dreamland might be a dull, gray place, devoid of imagination and creativity. It can be a place of monotony and predictability, where spontaneity and risk-taking are frowned upon. Dreamland is a place of wonder and magic, the opposite world being a mundane and uninspired existence.

What are the antonyms for Dreamland?

Usage examples for Dreamland

Right now, I'm going off to dreamland.
"The Foreign Hand Tie"
Gordon Randall Garrett
He went off to dreamland.
"The Foreign Hand Tie"
Gordon Randall Garrett
Sometimes I waken, and forget you for a moment, when I wonder how I ever induced such sound sleep to come to my eyes; but when I remember it all, I feel like cheering, and go off into dreamland again with the comfort of a healthy child.
"The Mystery of the Locks"
Edgar Watson Howe

Famous quotes with Dreamland

  • Women dream a lot and man is the prince of that dreamland.
    Debasish Mridha
  • It was a bright September afternoon, and the streets of New York were brilliant with moving men.... He was pushed toward the ticket-office with the others, and felt in his pocket for the new five-dollar bill he had hoarded.... When at last he realized that he had paid five dollars to enter he knew not what, he stood stock-still amazed.... John... sat in a half-maze minding the scene about him; the delicate beauty of the hall, the faint perfume, the moving myriad of men, the rich clothing and low hum of talking seemed all a part of a world so different from his, so strangely more beautiful than anything he had known, that he sat in dreamland, and started when, after a hush, rose high and clear the music of Lohengrin's swan. The infinite beauty of the wail lingered and swept through every muscle of his frame, and put it all a-tune. He closed his eyes and grasped the elbows of the chair, touching unwittingly the lady's arm. And the lady drew away. A deep longing swelled in all his heart to rise with that clear music out of the dirt and dust of that low life that held him prisoned and befouled. If he could only live up in the free air where birds sang and setting suns had no touch of blood! Who had called him to be the slave and butt of all?... If he but had some master-work, some life-service, hard, aye, bitter hard, but without the cringing and sickening servility.... When at last a soft sorrow crept across the violins, there came to him the vision of a far-off home — the great eyes of his sister, and the dark drawn face of his mother.... It left John sitting so silent and rapt that he did not for some time notice the usher tapping him lightly on the shoulder and saying politely, 'will you step this way please sir?'... The manager was sorry, very very sorry — but he explained that some mistake had been made in selling the gentleman a seat already disposed of; he would refund the money, of course... before he had finished John was gone, walking hurriedly across the square... and as he passed the park he buttoned his coat and said, 'John Jones you're a natural-born fool.' Then he went to his lodgings and wrote a letter, and tore it up; he wrote another, and threw it in the fire....
    W. E. B. Du Bois
  • Wake up, Caitlin, Mr. Lensing had said. But what he didn't under­stand was that this dreamland was preferable, walking through this life half-sleeping, everything at arm's length or farther away. I understood those mermaids. I didn't care if they sang to me.All I wanted was to block out all the human voices as they called me name again and again, pulling me upward into light,to drown.
    Sarah Dessen
  • His are the quiet steeps of dreamland, The waters of no-more-pain; His ram’s bell rings ‘neath an arch of stars, “Rest, rest, and rest again.”
    Walter de la Mare
  • The offerings arise: Hazes of rainbow light, Pure crystal, blue, and gold, Through dreamland take their flight; And 'mid the sacrifice God moveth as of old. In miracles of fire He symbols forth his days; In gleams of crystal light Reveals what pure pathways Lead to the soul's desire, The silence of the height.
    George William Russell

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