What is another word for delusion?

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People often have different ways of expressing the same idea. When it comes to the term delusion, some synonyms commonly used are hallucination, illusion, misconception, and fantasy. The word hallucination suggests a false perception of something that is not present, often due to a mental or physical condition. On the other hand, illusion typically refers to a mistaken belief about reality or a distortion of perception. Misconception refers to an incorrect understanding of something, while fantasy implies a fanciful or imagined situation or scenario. These synonyms all describe some form of mental disconnection from reality and can be used interchangeably depending on the context and intended meaning.

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What is a delusion? Delusions are false beliefs that are held with strong conviction and disregard for reality. They can be vivid, persistent and influential, leading to significant distress or impairment.delusions can be classified according to the source of their belief: self-delusions, false beliefs about others, and false beliefs about the world. Self-delusions are beliefs about oneself that are inaccurate and injurious. False beliefs about others are those that involve someone believing that someone else is in a bad or dangerous situation, is lazy, or has some other negative personality trait. False beliefs about the world involve believing that one's own country, city, etc.

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