What is another word for Ignis Fatuus?

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Ignis Fatuus is a Latin phrase that refers to a type of light phenomenon, also known as a "will-o'-the-wisp." This eerie and often mysterious light has many alternative names in different parts of the world, including "ghost light," "jack-o'-lantern," "spook light," "fairy light," and "hinkypunk." In some cultures, the phenomenon is associated with supernatural and mystical entities like faeries, ghosts, or spirits. Despite the various monikers, many agree that the odd and beguiling light can be found in marshy areas or swamps, and it often leaves onlookers with more questions than answers.

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How to use "Ignis fatuus" in context?

The Ignis Fatuus ("Phantasm of Fire") is a name given to a type of apparition in medieval culture and mythology. It is a creature, often described as a large, shadowy form with blazing eyes, flames issuing from its mouth, or a fiendish dragon with hooves and a fire-breathing head. Some say it is the spirit of a dead person, or a monster from Hell who wanders the world seeking victims.

The Ignis Fatuus is said to be the spirit of flames that follow people wherever they go, seeking revenge for some undisclosed wrong.

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