What is another word for ensuant?

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[ ɛnsjˈuːənt], [ ɛnsjˈuːənt], [ ɛ_n_s_j_ˈuː_ə_n_t]

"Ensuing", "consequent", "following", and "sequential" are popular synonyms for the word "ensuant". The term "ensuant" describes things that happen later or as a result of something else that has occurred beforehand. It's often used in the context of cause and effect, where one event or situation is the cause of a subsequent occurrence. The choice of synonym may depend on the context in which it's being used and the tone of the writing. A more formal or scientific text may use "consequent" or "sequential" while "following" could be more commonly used in casual speech or writing. In any case, using synonyms adds variety and richness to the language.

Synonyms for Ensuant:

How to use "Ensuant" in context?

The word "ensuant" is French for "en suite." It is used to describe an action that follows or comes after something else.

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