What is another word for sequential?

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Sequential refers to something that follows a particular order or sequence in time or arrangement. There are several synonyms to this word, including succeeding, consecutive, progressive, continuous, and in order. Other similar words for sequential include serial, uninterrupted, unbroken, and sequential. In the context of storytelling, synonyms for sequential can include narrative, chronological, and plot-driven. In mathematical terms, sequential can be replaced with mathematical, geometric, or numerical progression to refer to a sequence of numbers or shapes. Overall, synonyms for sequential can vary in their application, but they all convey the idea of something occurring in a particular order or sequence.

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What are the opposite words for sequential?

Sequential refers to a specific type of order or arrangement in which something is done or presented. Antonyms for the word sequential would be chaotic or random. Chaotic would describe a disorderly or disorganized arrangement in which there is no discernible pattern or sequence. Random suggests that something is done without any particular order or pattern, and without a consistent logic or rationale behind it. Other antonyms for sequential might include haphazard, irregular, or intermittent; all of which indicate a lack of order or structure in the way that something is done or presented. Understanding antonyms for sequential can help to develop a understanding of the concept of order.

What are the antonyms for Sequential?

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