What is another word for nonessential?

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Nonessential is a common word that we use to describe things that are not crucial or indispensable to something. Some other synonyms for nonessential include dispensable, unnecessary, optional, expendable, superfluous, peripheral, insignificant, and extraneous. These words are often used to describe non-essential tasks, tools, or components that can be removed or eliminated without affecting the overall functionality of a system or process. For example, nonessential features in software or website design can be removed to improve user experience and streamline functionality. Nonessential items on a shopping list can be left behind to reduce overall spending. Whether in business, academia, or everyday life, the ability to identify nonessential elements can lead to more efficient and effective decision-making.

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The word "nonessential" simply means not necessary or important. Its antonyms, on the other hand, are crucial, vital, important, necessary, essential, or required. When we say something is essential, it means it is indispensable or necessary for the occurrence or accomplishment of something. For instance, food and water are essential for human survival. Thus, it is crucial to have access or availability to these resources. Similarly, in business or the workplace, achieving company goals requires some essential inputs or processes, such as teamwork, communication, and innovation. Therefore, knowing the antonyms of nonessential helps in understanding the opposite meaning and the importance of the word in a particular context.

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Usage examples for Nonessential

It is true, certain regrettable abuses and incidents of misconduct still came to light in subsequent years, but these were sporadic instances, by no means characteristic of railroading methods and practices in general, condemned by the great body of those responsible for the conduct of our railroads, no less than by the public at large, and entirely capable of being dealt with by the existing law, possibly amended in nonessential features, and by the force of public opinion.
"Government Ownership of Railroads, and War Taxation"
Otto H. Kahn
Men who arrive anywhere in any direction always have the habit of ignoring the nonessential more or less strongly developed.
"The Grain Of Dust A Novel"
David Graham Phillips
One reason-perhaps the chief reason-why Norman had got up to the high places of material success at so early an age was that he had an unerring instinct for the essential and wasted no time or energy upon the nonessential.
"The Grain Of Dust A Novel"
David Graham Phillips

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