What is another word for eureka?

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[ juːɹˈiːkɐ], [ juːɹˈiːkɐ], [ j_uː_ɹ_ˈiː_k_ɐ]

How to use "Eureka" in context?

The word "eureka" is derived from ancient Greek and literally means "I have found it!" Inventors and scientists have been saying "eureka!" for centuries in reaction to discovering something new. Albert Einstein is perhaps the most renowned user of the phrase, having said it dozens of times in his work. Although the phrase is associated with exceptional discovery, it is not limited to science and technology. "Eureka!" moments can occur in all areas of life, and are often the catalyst for change.

Not all "eureka!" moments are created equal. Sometimes the discovery is momentous, groundbreaking, and entirely new.

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