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The word "township" can be replaced with several other synonyms that reflect different aspects of a community or municipal district. For instance, "municipality" is a broad term used to describe a region governed by a municipality or local authority, whereas "hamlet" is a small town or settlement that is usually less densely populated than a township. Similarly, "borough" refers to a self-governing town, while "civil parish" denotes an administrative division of a country with specific powers and responsibilities. Other alternatives include "county" (an administrative region within a state), "village" (a small settlement with fewer inhabitants than a township), and "commune" (a district with a local government and elected officials).

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Township can be defined as a locality consisting of one or more villages and hamlets, and is administered by a municipal council. The word township first appeared in the early 12th century and is derived from the Old English word "tūn" meaning "a community of peasants." The history of township can be traced back to the time when medieval societies were organized into hierarchies of nobility, clergy, and peasantry. The township was the lowest level of medieval society, inhabited by peasants who were provided with basic necessities by their lords.

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