What is another word for whammy?

Pronunciation: [wˈami] (IPA)

Whammy is a slang term that typically means something that causes significant harm or misfortune to someone. There are several synonyms for the word whammy, and they include jinx, hex, curse, spell, or charm. All of these words convey the idea of a negative influence or some kind of bad luck that someone experiences. Another synonym for whammy is a setback, which is more focused on an obstacle or challenge to progress. While whammy is not a formal word, it is still commonly used in casual conversation and often draws attention to a significant, and sometimes surprising, event or occurrence that has impacted someone.

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What are the opposite words for whammy?

The word "whammy" refers to a devastating blow or a damaging influence. Some antonyms for "whammy" could include words such as blessing, luck, fortune, or advantage. These words encompass the opposite of the negative connotation that "whammy" implies. For example, someone who experiences a string of good luck or a sudden financial windfall is experiencing the opposite of a whammy. Additionally, someone who manages to avoid a catastrophic event or a bad outcome is also experiencing the opposite of a whammy. Overall, antonyms for "whammy" emphasize positive outcomes and good fortune.

What are the antonyms for Whammy?

Usage examples for Whammy

Tony Dirk put the triple-whammy on him.
"The Fourth R"
George Oliver Smith

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