What is another word for breakthrough?

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The word "breakthrough" refers to a significant development or progress in a particular field. There are numerous synonyms for the word breakthrough. Some of the commonly used synonyms are innovation, advancement, discovery, improvement, and milestone. The term revolution can also be used to mean breakthroughs. It implies that the change is significant and transformative. Another synonym for breakthrough is a discovery, indicating that the progress made was due to the development of new knowledge. Progress is another word that can be used to refer to breakthroughs made over time. In general, synonyms for the word breakthrough refer to a significant and noteworthy achievement.

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The antonyms for the word "breakthrough" can be stumbling, setback, obstacle, hindrance or blockade. These words described situations where progress is stopped or slowed down, rather than advanced. A stumbling situation may cause one to trip and fall, not progressing in the right direction. Setback is a situation where advance is rolled back, a hindrance can impede forward motion whilst a blockade is a complete stoppage of progress. These words could be used to describe social, physical, and mental challenges people face in their day-to-day life. They represent a problematic scenario, unlike a breakthrough, which implies a positive change.

Usage examples for Breakthrough

A smile abruptly took over her face, as though she was experiencing a live breakthrough.
Thomas Hoover
The way he saw it, there was room at the top and he was ready for a major career breakthrough.
Thomas Hoover
There was a breakthrough to the air outside.
"Operation Terror"
William Fitzgerald Jenkins

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