What is another word for factory worker?

Pronunciation: [fˈaktəɹˌi wˈɜːkə] (IPA)

A factory worker is someone who works in a manufacturing plant or factory setting, typically doing tasks related to manufacturing, assembly, or production. There are many different words that can be used to describe someone who performs this type of work, including assembler, production worker, machine operator, line worker, plant employee, factory hand, and factory laborer. Each of these terms refers to someone who works in a production environment and is responsible for making sure that products are manufactured and assembled correctly. Regardless of the specific term used to describe them, factory workers play an essential role in the manufacturing process and help to keep the wheels of industry turning.

What are the hypernyms for Factory worker?

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Famous quotes with Factory worker

  • I want to make a film about a factory worker.
    Richard Linklater
  • And I think it is the genius of actors to be able to escape whatever people are expecting of them. Otherwise you become like a factory worker.
    Olivier Martinez
  • One day I heard a speech of Hitler. In this speech he said that the German factory worker and the German labourer must make common cause with the German intellectual worker.
    Fritz Sauckel
  • Although it is by definition a union-oriented ideology, there is no perceptible syndicalist presence in any union. A syndicalist is more likely to be a professor than a proletarian, more likely to be a folk singer than a factory worker. Organizers on principle, syndicalists are disunited and factionalized. Remarkably, this dullest of all anarchisms attracts some of the most irrational and hysterical adherents. Only a rather small minority of North American anarchists are syndicalists. Syndicalism will persist, if at all, as a campus-based cult in increasing isolation from the main currents of anarchism.
    Bob Black
  • President Davis said, "The 'free' factory worker in Manchester or Paris- yes, in Boston as well- is free only to starve. As Mr. Hammond from South Carolina put it so pungently in the chambers of the U.S. Senate a few years ago, every society rests upon a mudsill of brute labor, from which the edifice of civilization arises. We are but more open and honest about the nature of our mudsill than other nations, which gladly exploit a worker's labor but, when he can no longer provide it, cast him aside like a used sheet of foolscap."
    Harry Turtledove

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