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Flunky, a derogatory term used to describe a subordinate or an underling who blindly follows or suck up to a higher authority. Other synonyms for flunky include lackey, minion, toady, stooge, henchman, yes-man, sycophant, hanger-on, bootlicker, and underling. These words are often used to describe people who have a subservient attitude towards their superior, especially with the intention of gaining favors or flattery. These synonyms may also denote people who lack individuality, independence, and critical thinking skills, as they always submit to the will of their superiors. Although these synonyms carry negative connotations, they are still commonly used to describe people who serve in a supporting role in both social and professional settings.

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How to use "Flunky" in context?

To be a flunky is to be a servile employee who does the bidding of the boss without question. In the past, a flunky was someone who was hired to do menial tasks because he was cheaper than a regular employee, but today a flunky is usually an undervalued employee who does not have enough authority to do meaningful work. Flunkies are often found in low-paying positions, and they are often mistreated by their bosses.

There are many types of flunkies, and they can be found in any type of work environment.

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