What is another word for stiff?

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Stiff is a common word that is used to describe something that is rigid or firm. However, using the same word over and over can become boring or repetitive. Therefore, it would be beneficial to use synonyms to add variety to your writing. A few synonyms for stiff are inflexible, rigid, unbending, immovable, firm, unyielding, hard, and stern. Each of these words provides a different nuance to the meaning of stiff. For example, inflexible pertains to something that cannot be changed or bent while immovable is about something that cannot be moved or shifted. Using synonyms amplifies your writing and gives it a fresh perspective.

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How to use "Stiff" in context?

A stiff person is usually not very open to new experiences and is not very accepting of others. They may be very closed off and not trust others easily. This can sometimes be a hindrance in their life as they may not be able to move on from past experiences or relationships easily.

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