What is another word for temporary?

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Temporary is a word that describes something that is not permanent or lasting. However, there are many other words that can be used as synonyms for temporary. These include words such as transient, fleeting, impermanent, ephemeral, momentary, provisional, short-lived, and passing. Each of these words conveys a similar meaning to temporary, but with slightly different nuances and connotations. For example, transient suggests something that is passing through a situation or place, while provisional implies something that is subject to change or revision. Regardless of which synonym is used, they all describe something that is not intended to last long-term or provide a permanent solution.

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The word temporary means something that is not permanent, but what is the opposite of it? The antonyms for temporary are permanent, enduring, stable, consistent, constant, and lasting. While temporary implies a short-term occurrence or a temporary measure, the antonyms for it revolve around the idea of long-lasting or permanent conditions. If a situation is considered temporary, it means that it will only last for a short while, but if it is regarded as permanent, the opposite would be the case. Consequently, using antonyms for the term "temporary" can help in specifying the tone and meaning of a sentence.

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Usage examples for Temporary

Again and again English or British composers returned to the task with significant, if temporary, success.
"The Operatic Problem"
William Johnson Galloway
Before going out to a day's labor, a mother can place her child in this temporary home, where it will be properly cared for and fed until she returns for it.
"Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
Maturin M. Ballou
It is, indeed, not much more than a temporary tie of possession.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook

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