What is another word for farrier?

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[ fˈaɹɪə], [ fˈaɹɪə], [ f_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ__ə]

A farrier is a person who specializes in the trimming of horses' hooves and the fitting of horseshoes. Synonyms for this word include blacksmith, horseshoer, horseshoeing specialist, hoof trimmer, and equine podiatrist. Blacksmith is the oldest term and refers to someone who works with metal and iron, including the crafting and fitting of horseshoes. The term horseshoer and horseshoeing specialist directly refer to the fitting of horseshoes, while hoof trimmer and equine podiatrist focus more on the horse's overall foot care. All of these synonyms represent professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the proper hoof care and overall health of horses.

How to use "Farrier" in context?

A farrier is a person who prepares and sells horseshoes, horseshoes andfarrier supplies, or sells and repairs equine equipment.

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