What is another word for fledged?

Pronunciation: [flˈɛd͡ʒd] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the word "fledged" that one can use for added variety and depth in their writing. These synonyms include "fully developed," "matured," "grown," "completed," "accomplished," "experienced," "adept," and "skilled." Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, but all generally refer to a state of being fully formed or accomplished. For example, using "experienced" or "skilled" might suggest that someone has not only completed their training or development, but has also gained experience and expertise in their field. Regardless of which synonym is used, each can add nuance and detail to a piece of writing.

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Fledged is a word that describes a bird capable of taking flight, fully developed or mature, competent or experienced. On the contrary, the antonyms for fledged could be underdeveloped, immature, inexperienced or unskilled. These words describe someone or something that is not yet fully formed or developed. Other antonyms for fledged could include incapable, unready, unfit, inept or inadequate. Fledged is a word commonly used in the context of birds, but its context and synonyms can be used to describe various situations. Therefore, one must choose the right antonym depending on the context to convey the intended meaning.

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Usage examples for Fledged

Friendship, Honour, Glory-how these things came and went with him during these years might have a book to themselves were it not that our business is with a wider stage and more lasting issues-and there is but little room for a full-fledged chronicle.
Hugh Walpole
Again the young people fringed the Hall of Philosophy in the afternoon when the Chancellor gave out the diplomas and pronounced the members of the class of 1914 full fledged members of the Alumni Society of the Hall in the Grove.
"Ethel Morton at Chautauqua"
Mabell S. C. Smith
My cousin's dead, and I'm a full-fledged squire with estates and things.
"The Literary Sense"
E. Nesbit

Famous quotes with Fledged

  • The thing that I had saved up for myself and wanted most to bring off was a fully fledged professional production of Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford.
    Trevor Nunn
  • Writing is truly a creative art - putting word to a blank piece of paper and ending up with a full-fledged story rife with character and plot.
    William Shatner
  • Eternities before the first-born day, Or ere the first sun fledged his wings of flame, Calm Night, the everlasting and the same, A brooding mother over chaos lay.
    James Weldon Johnson
  • So the question is: "How to win?" That's when I began to develop what you now see full-fledged in the "wedge" strategy: "Stick with the most important thing" — the mechanism and the building up of information. Get the Bible and the Book of Genesis out of the debate because you do not want to raise the so-called Bible-science dichotomy. Phrase the argument in such a way that you can get it heard in the secular academy and in a way that tends to unify the religious dissenters. That means concentrating on, "Do you need a Creator to do the creating, or can nature do it on its own?" and refusing to get sidetracked onto other issues, which people are always trying to do.
    Phillip E. Johnson
  • India has its own full-fledged brand of negationism: a movement to deny the large-scale and long-term crimes against humanity committed by Islam. This movement is led by Islamic apologists and Marxist academics, and followed by all the politicians, journalists and intellectuals who call themselves secularists. In contrast to the European negationism regarding the Nazi acts of genocide, but similar to the Turkish negationism regarding the Armenian genocide, the Indian negationism regarding the terrible record of Islam is fully supported by the establishment. It has nearly full control of the media and dictates all state and government parlance concerning the communal problem (more properly to be called the Islam problem).
    Koenraad Elst

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