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There are several words that can be used as synonyms for the word "rigged". Some of these words include manipulated, fixed, manipulated, tampered with, altered, distorted, engineered, and falsified. Each of these words describes a situation in which something has been changed or altered in order to achieve a desired outcome. Whether it's an election that has been manipulated or a game that has been fixed, these words represent a fundamental breach of trust. When individuals or organizations engage in these types of activities, they undermine the credibility of the entire system. As such, it's important to remain vigilant against any attempts to rig or manipulate the outcomes of important events.

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    It has been widely believed that the U.S. election was rigged in favor of President-elect Donald Trump. However, Trump has not provided any evidence to back up this claim. Some experts believe that the election may have been rigged in favor of Trump due to the fact that he received more political donations from individuals in states that were won by Trump than from individuals in states that were won by Hillary Clinton.

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