What is another word for mature?

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[ m_ə_tʃ_ˈʊə], [ mət͡ʃˈʊ͡ə], [ mət‍ʃˈʊ‍ə]

Synonyms for Mature:

adult (adjective) aged (adjective) age (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Mature:

  1. poor, lure, unsure, sure, muir, boor, secure, pure, insure, cure, inure, endure, demure, moore, procure, ensure, detour, obscure, manure, moor, tour, impure, ruhr;
  2. brochure, assure, allure;
  3. reassure, premature, immature;
  4. entrepreneur;

Quotes for Mature:

  1. Golf is played by twenty million mature American men whose wives think they are out having fun. Jim Bishop.
  2. The student body was huge at UT and you had to mature pretty quick, very quick actually. I enjoyed it and it helped me a lot in my life in general- not only in the classroom but on the baseball field as well. Roger Clemens.
  3. Victor Mature was a big man; he had a great swagger. I liked him and I knew we'd be good together on screen. Esther Williams.

Idioms of Mature:

  1. of mature years;