What is another word for fluorescence?

Pronunciation: [flʊ͡əɹˈɛsəns] (IPA)

Fluorescence refers to the emission of light by a substance after it has been excited by external energy, such as ultraviolet light or an electric field. Some common synonyms for fluorescence include luminescence, phosphorescence, and radiance. Luminescence refers to the emission of light due to a chemical reaction, while phosphorescence is the emission of light that continues after the external energy source has been removed. Radiance refers to the brightness or intensity of the emitted light. Other synonyms for fluorescence include gleam, glow, and brilliance. Fluorescence is a critical property in many fields, including biotechnology, materials science, and optoelectronics.

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What are the opposite words for fluorescence?

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to a given word. For the word "fluorescence," possible antonyms can be "non-luminous," "non-radiant," "opaque," "dull," or "dark." These words describe objects or materials that do not emit light or appear bright under certain conditions. For example, a black piece of cloth may be considered opaque since it does not allow light to pass through it. Non-luminous gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide also lack fluorescence since they do not absorb light energy. Antonyms can help clarify the meaning of a word by contrasting it with its opposite, creating a better understanding of the concept being expressed.

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Usage examples for Fluorescence

He was three-dimensionally X-rayed with a range of frequencies calculated to excite fluorescence in whatever object he might have secreted in his stomach, in a hollow bone, or under a layer of flesh.
John Holbrook Vance
The figure stepped forward, so that its face was illuminated by the fluorescence streaming from the open door which led to the inclined chairway descending to Littlejohn's dwelling.
"This Crowded Earth"
Robert Bloch
And their vision, extending well into the ultra-violet, made it directly visible to them through its fluorescence-to say nothing of the wholly unhuman extra senses they had.
"Duel on Syrtis"
Poul William Anderson

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