What is another word for radiation?

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Radiation refers to the emission or propagation of energy or particles through space or a medium. There are many synonyms for this word, depending on the context and the type of radiation being discussed. Some possible alternatives include energy emission, emanation, irradiation, radiance, radiance, emission, discharge, or exhalation. In the fields of medicine and biology, terms such as ionizing radiation, ultraviolet radiation, electromagnetic radiation, and thermal radiation may be used. Each of these synonyms has a unique meaning and refers to a specific aspect of the phenomenon of radiation. Understanding the subtle differences between these synonyms can be crucial in accurately communicating scientific concepts.

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    Radiation is energy that is transmitted through the air, space, or other media. Natural sources of radiation include the sun, stars, and certain elements. Excessive or harmful levels of radiation can cause cancer or other health problems. Radiologists use radiation to image organs and tissues. They use radiotherapy to kill cancer cells.

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