What is another word for dusk?

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Dusk, the period of twilight between day and night, is a magical time of day. The soft light and peaceful tranquillity of dusk make it a beloved moment for artists, writers, and poets. However, sometimes we want to find other words to describe this moment. Words like "evening twilight" or "eventide" bring a touch of antiquity and romance to the moment. "Dimness" and "gloom" have a darker feel to them, while "shadows" often adds a sense of mystery. "Twilight Hour" and "Sunset Time" are more descriptive, while "mellow light" or "dusky" creates the impression of softened light that is calming. Whatever word you choose to describe dusk, it remains a magical time of day.

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    Dusk is the dimming of the daytime sky caused by the sun's descent below the horizon. Dusk begins somewhere around 6 PM, but can start as early as 3 PM. Dusk lasts around 30 minutes, with the sun rising around 7 AM.

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