What is another word for dusk?

Pronunciation: [dˈʌsk] (IPA)

Dusk, the period of twilight between day and night, is a magical time of day. The soft light and peaceful tranquillity of dusk make it a beloved moment for artists, writers, and poets. However, sometimes we want to find other words to describe this moment. Words like "evening twilight" or "eventide" bring a touch of antiquity and romance to the moment. "Dimness" and "gloom" have a darker feel to them, while "shadows" often adds a sense of mystery. "Twilight Hour" and "Sunset Time" are more descriptive, while "mellow light" or "dusky" creates the impression of softened light that is calming. Whatever word you choose to describe dusk, it remains a magical time of day.

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Dusk, the time of day when the sun sets and darkness gradually starts to fall. It is often associated with a sense of calmness, serenity, and tranquility. However, there are certain antonyms for this word that showcase opposite meanings. One of the most common antonyms for dusk is dawn, which marks the start of a new day and the first light of the sun. Another antonym is midday, which refers to the period when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. Additionally, noon, daytime, and brightness are other antonyms that come to mind when thinking of dusk. These antonyms provide a stark contrast to the peacefulness that dusk brings, as they represent the energy and vibrancy of daylight.

Usage examples for Dusk

He was perfectly silent, and in the dusk his face looked completely white.
"Night and Day"
Virginia Woolf
He struck his stick upon the earth, and stared through the dusk at the shape of the country.
"Night and Day"
Virginia Woolf
Let's get her out of the house without the servants seeing her-this evening, after dusk.
"The Beautiful Wretch; The Pupil of Aurelius; and The Four Macnicols"
William Black

Famous quotes with Dusk

  • I mean, it is an extraordinary thing that a large proportion of your country and my country, of the citizens, never see a wild creature from dawn 'til dusk, unless it's a pigeon, which isn't really wild, which might come and settle near them.
    David Attenborough
  • Over the tops of it, beginning to dusk under a young white moon, trailed a wavering ghost of smoke, and at the end of it I came upon the Pocket Hunter making a dry camp in the friendly scrub.
    Mary Austin
  • Those who have known the famous are publicly debriefed of their memories, knowing as their own dusk falls that they will only be remembered for remembering someone else.
    Alan Bennett
  • Human rights are not a privilege granted by the few, they are a liberty entitled to all, and human rights, by definition, include the rights of all humans, those in the dawn of life, the dusk of life, or the shadows of life.
    Kay Granger
  • After tea it's back to painting - a large poplar at dusk with a gathering storm. From time to time instead of this evening painting session I go bowling in one of the neighbouring villages, but not very often.
    Gustav Klimt

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