What is another word for Frazzled?

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When feeling physically and mentally exhausted, the word frazzled can perfectly describe the situation. To put it in different words, synonyms for frazzled include worn-out, depleted, drained, fatigued, and exhausted. Similarly, it can also be referenced to as stressed, overwhelmed, agitated, irritable, and nervous. When experiencing frazzled emotions, overwhelmed or fur-worn can be used interchangeably to describe the feeling. Additionally, there are more informal expressions to represent the same feeling, such as "fried" or "burnt-out." Overall, while frazzled is an excellent word to use to describe a specific state of being, there are plenty of synonyms to represent the same meaning.

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How to use "Frazzled" in context?

The word "Frazzled" is derived from the word "frazzle" which means to cause or result in a state of confusion or a lack of concentration. Frazzled can describe someone who is exhausted and overwhelmed, and it is often used to describe people who feel stressed out. Frazzled is not just a way to describe people who are stressed out, but it can also describe someone who is run down and is not functioning at their best.

When someone is frazzled, they may struggle to get their bearings or to focus.

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