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Spent is a verb that describes the exhaustion of resources or energy, and there are several synonyms that can be used to convey the same meaning. Some commonly used synonyms for spent include exhausted, depleted, drained, used up, consumed and worn out. Exhausted and depleted both describe a complete consumption of resources, energy or strength. Drained refers to an energy or resource depletion, leaving one feeling empty or devoid of power. Used up describes a complete consumption of objects or resources. Finally, worn out refers to something that has been used to the extent that it is no longer usable or useful. All of these synonyms share the common meaning of spending or using up resources.

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    How to use "Spent" in context?

    Spending means to expend, to expend or to expend in a particular way, especially to expend on something that has been acquired or earned. To spend money means to use it to buy goods or services.

    The act of spending can also mean to use one's time in a particular way. To spend time means to spend it in a particular way, usually in addition to other activities that a person might do.

    Spending can also refer to the state of being spent, which is the condition of being used or worn out in a particular way. When something is spent, it is no longer usable or fresh.

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