What is another word for gadgets?

Pronunciation: [ɡˈad͡ʒɪts] (IPA)

Gadgets are ubiquitous in modern life, encompassing everything from everyday items like smartphones, watches, and tablets to more specialized devices such as drones, fitness trackers, and virtual reality headsets. Other terms that can be used as synonyms for gadgets include electronics, devices, gizmos, widgets, tools, and appliances. Some may use the term "tech" or "technology" to describe any gadget or device that involves the latest advancements in science and engineering. In any case, the term "gadgets" is broad enough to cover a wide range of products, each of which is designed to make our everyday lives easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

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Usage examples for Gadgets

The blaster he concealed under the jacket, and he kept a few other Hundredth Century gadgets; these he would hide somewhere closer to his center of operations.
"Flight From Tomorrow"
Henry Beam Piper
You've got your gadgets.
"Evil Out of Onzar"
Mark Ganes
It looks like the hair gadgets they have in beauty shops.
"The Electronic Mind Reader"
John Blaine

Famous quotes with Gadgets

  • Because the series is situated in the next century, and for the most part under water, there are many innovative technical gadgets. It's a kind of StarTrek. When I first came there, I was really impressed myself.
    Jonathan Brandis
  • I liked to work in a shop down in the basement and invent things and build gadgets.
    Francis Ford Coppola
  • I think there's a tendency for modern man to become dominated by gadgets and machines, taking us further and further away from the things I've been talking about.
    Robin Day
  • We're trying to reinvent Bond. He's 28 - no Q, no gadgets.
    Paul Haggis
  • This is the other thing: we make the cost of raising kids higher than it has to be just because we feel they need all this stuff, like gadgets, certain schools, and activities that are nice but aren't really necessary.
    Patricia Heaton

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