What is another word for controls?

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Controls are an essential part of managing systems, processes, and technologies in everyday life. Synonyms for the word controls include supervises, manages, regulates, directs, oversees, monitors, handles, operates, administers, and runs. When someone controls something, they are holding it in check or influencing it, making it necessary to use synonyms to add variety to communication. These words can apply to a wide range of situations, from controlling traffic, managing a business, to regulating emotions. Using synonyms help to avoid repetitions and enhance the effectiveness of communication. So, whether you need to manage your finances or regulate your time, these synonyms for controls will help you convey your message more effectively.

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How to use "Controls" in context?

When it comes to your computer, what are your "controls?" Granted, most people would simply think of the familiar shortcut keys that they use regularly, such as Alt+F4 to close an open window, typing CMD+Esc to open the Start menu, or using the arrow keys to move the cursor up and down a line of text.

But what about the other options available to you? Maybe you use keyboard shortcuts to control your browser's frontmost window or the volume on your PC. Or maybe you use the mouse to drag a window around the screen or to select text or an object.

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