What is another word for get-go?

Pronunciation: [ɡɛtɡˈə͡ʊ] (IPA)

The phrase "get-go" is commonly used to refer to the beginning of a process or activity. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in its place to add variety and clarity to your writing. Some alternatives include "onset," "commencement," "kickoff," "start," and "launch." Each of these words conveys a similar meaning to "get-go," but with slightly different connotations. For example, "onset" implies the beginning of something negative or unpleasant, while "kickoff" suggests a sports or entertainment event. By using different synonyms for "get-go," you can enhance the tone and specificity of your writing.

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What are the hypernyms for Get-go?

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What are the opposite words for get-go?

The term "get-go" is often used to refer to the starting point or the beginning of something. Some of the antonyms for "get-go" include finish, end, conclusion, closing, termination, and conclusion. These words are used to describe the end of an event or activity rather than the beginning. For instance, instead of using "get-go" to describe the beginning of a race, we can use "finish" to describe the end of the race. Alternatively, we can use "conclusion" to illustrate the end of a presentation or "termination" to characterize the end of a job. Antonyms help to widen our vocabulary and aid in the clarity of communication by providing alternate choices.

What are the antonyms for Get-go?

Famous quotes with Get-go

  • I got off on the fact that a guy would be so into me from the get-go without really knowing me. That's probably why I had so many bad relationships.
    Christina Applegate
  • You know, you've got serious pieces, you've got light pieces, you've got cooking segments, you've got health-related topics, so it's not as if they've had a unique personality from the get-go.
    Katie Couric
  • For no. 1, it's great writing, super writing. The second thing is that it's great chemistry with all the actors. We just all got along from the very start. Very get-go, we all got along. We just - it was just like we were all meant to be there together.
    Reba McEntire
  • This was probably rooted in a belief that had been inculcated to him from the get-go: that there was an objective reality, which all people worth talking to could observe and understand, and that there was no point in arguing about anything that could be so observed and so understood. As long as you made a point of hanging out exclusively with people who had the wit to see and to understand that objective reality, you didn’t have to waste a lot of time talking. When a thunderstorm was headed your way across the prairie, you took the washing down from the line and closed the windows. It wasn’t necessary to have a meeting about it. The sales force didn’t need to get involved.
    Neal Stephenson

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