What is another word for windup?

Pronunciation: [wˈɪndʌp] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the word "windup," which means to bring something to an end or conclusion. Some of the popular alternatives include "closure," "conclusion," "termination," "culmination," "finale," "denouement," "endgame," and "conclusion." Additionally, other similar words to "windup" might include "wrap-up," "completion," "termination," "finish," and "end." Synonyms are handy for adding more variety to your communication or writing. They assist you in avoiding repeated language and bring more depth to the text, thereby making it more attractive to the readers. Every synonym is not interchangeable, so it's essential to pick the right synonym that fits the context appropriately.

What are the hypernyms for Windup?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for windup?

The word "windup" typically means the completion or culmination of something. However, there are several antonyms for the term, which indicate the opposite of that meaning. The first one is "beginning" or "start," which refers to the initial phase or first steps of a process. Another antonym could be "infancy" or "inception," which suggest the early stages of a concept or idea. Related antonyms include "prelude" or "prologue," which signify the preliminary events leading up to a larger occurrence. Finally, "unfolding" or "evolution" describe the gradual development or progression of something over time. Together, these antonyms emphasize the diversity of interpretations that may arise from the word "windup" in different contexts.

What are the antonyms for Windup?

Usage examples for Windup

"Every trivial action must be thoroughly motivated, and the finish of the playlet, instead of occurring upon the 'catabasis,' or general windup of the action, must develop the most striking feature of the playlet, so that the curtain may come down on a surprise, or at least an event toward which the entire action has been progressing.
"Writing for Vaudeville"
Brett Page
Well, you caught him; there's no need for you to stick around for the windup.
"The Penal Cluster"
Ivar Jorgensen (AKA Randall Garrett)
The windup, Houston thought.
"The Penal Cluster"
Ivar Jorgensen (AKA Randall Garrett)

Famous quotes with Windup

  • We lived more by the sun than by the clock, but I did own a clock. It was an eight-day windup console clock which I kept on the mantel in the living room, and it was the only timepiece in the house that worked anymore.
    James Howard Kunstler
  • As always, when the opportunity arose, Joe took a long, astute look at the girl whom, if he could have managed it, he would have had as his mistress, or, even better, his wife. It did not seem possible that Wendy Wright had been born out of blood and internal organs like other people. In proximity to her he felt himself to be a squat, oily, sweating, uneducated nurt whose stomach rattled and whose breath wheezed. Near her he became aware of the physical mechanisms which kept him alive; within him machinery, pipes and valves and gas-compressors and fan belts had to chug away at a losing task, a labor ultimately doomed. Seeing her face, he discovered that his own consisted of a garish mask; noticing her body made him feel like a low-class windup toy. All her colors possessed a subtle quality, indirectly lit. Her eyes, those green and tumbled stones, looked impassively at everything; he had never seen fear in them, or aversion, or contempt. What she saw she accepted. Generally she seemed calm. But more than that she struck him as being durable, untroubled and cool, not subject to wear, or to fatigue, or to physical illness and decline. Probably she was twenty-five or -six, but he could not imagine her looking younger, and certainly she would never look older. She had too much control over herself and outside reality for that.
    Philip K. Dick

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